What’s the Difference between Failure and Success? Wellativity!


What makes Wellativity different

Imagine if you could dip into the various practices of alternative health, grab what you knew to work well, disregarding those things that were not so effective, and create your own unique practice. If you could do so, how would you structure your new way of caring for your body, mind and spirit? What would you call it?

This is what I did with the multiple recovery and healing modalities I’ve been blessed to experience over 40+ years—cherry picking the essential, life-giving, life-lifting nuggets that (when put together) would provide a method so well-tuned that the only missing variable in the equation would be you. And I called it, Wellativity.

What makes Wellativity unique is that it takes into consideration human nature. You see, we, by design, are creatures of habit. Often, the habits we nurture are laziness, procrastination, self-serving biases, justification and rationalization. Sure, they help us sell ourselves on a path to destruction, having us looking forward to the trip; but they rob us of essential happiness and joy.

Now imagine reprogramming (if you will) yourself for life-enriching habits through practical application and overcoming any affliction you may be suffering from. After all, we all know what hurts us and that we shouldn’t be doing it; then why don’t we do the right things to stop it? Because we don’t know how to effect the change! Wellativity helps you effect that change in a natural way—with no pills, potions, gadgets or gizmos. Simply your desire for a better life and a system that helps you achieve it—if you’re willing.

relaxing on sail boatWellativity sets itself apart from the self-improvement community in that its body, mind and spirit philosophies are applied in a practical manner, to everyday life situations. The core focus is conditioning ourselves to stay as connected to conscious breathing as possible and, in turn, clearing away that which is negative or detrimental. Breathing awareness in itself helps us to reduce bodily tension, improve rational thinking and increase oxygen to the entire body. The power of breathing and pausing is SO powerful, it’s the root of every alternative health practice and martial arts system in the history of the world!

Whether you’re in the supermarket, driving your car, exercising, in a relationship or just dealing with everyday challenges; involving yourself in any or all of Wellativity’s resources will transform the quality of your life with the very first conscious breath you take.

So breathe it!

Scott A. Morofsky