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5 star amazonStraight-forward Steps to a Life More Abundant – Laura H. 

“Scott Morofsky has taken the compelling lessons of the Twelve Steps and his own life history to create the habits and manner of living that is truly holistic. His principals are straight-forward and his strategies for living a richer life in the embrace of a daily pattern and spirit of wellness in all of life’s dimensions are transformative, not only for those destined to struggle with addictions, but people of all walks who desire a healthy and more meaningful way of living.”

5 star amazon

This book is simple yet profound; Wellativity: In-Powering…– Julie Blake

“This book is simple yet profound; Wellativity: In-Powering Wellness Through Communication applies the Twelve Step principles to daily life and well-being and provides a context in which to live your life with ease and grace. In this book, Scott Morofsky introduces Wellativity’s Daily Breath as a means to become In-Powered and transform one’s life to a healthier state of being.”

5 star amazon

Wellativity is a Path to Living in Harmony…– Tom H. – City Planner

Wellativity is a path to living in harmony; not only with myself, but also in my relationships with my family, friends and associates.”