Safety First: 4 Tips to Prevent Road Rage


road rage

To Be Aware is to Be Alive

Having recently started my radio (publicity campaign) interviews, I was surprised that EMSI, Wellativity’s public-relations firm, picked “Road Rage” as my entry point to the media. However, looking back after several interviews, I now see it as not only a popular topic, but an appropriate subject regarding wellness.

Most interviews start with the question, “How can we prevent road rage?” I then think, “Did they mean us committing it or us being the victim to it?” Interestingly enough, the answer is much the same. Prevention starts before we get behind the wheel. Being aware of extremes toward hunger, emotions and fatigue may sound obvious, but all drivers at one point or another have rationalized or minimized even the most intense experiences of the aforementioned. Sometimes it’s unavoidable; yet being aware of our condition is the first step toward “Safety First.”

Sometimes, only having a few minutes in an interview, I’m forced to keep my replies as simple as possible.

  1. Have a light snack (to balance our blood sugar levels; hence making us less reactive).
  2. Take a few full deep breaths.
  3. Talk to a trusted and supportive person.
  4. Last but not least by any means, pray before and during the drive.

Mind you, prayer in this context is intentional thought. For many, this is not necessarily a religious action, but using our minds to connect with the energy of guidance, protection and safety for all involved. Belief, trust, visualizations, affirmations, reciting religious prayers are all tools that can work for us—if we work them.

So Breathe It.